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Thymosin Beta-4 Peptide 10mg (TB4 Fragment 1-4)


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What is Thymosin Beta-4 Active Fragment?

Thymosin Beta-4, often abbreviated as TB4, is a protein encoded by the TMSB4X gene. It plays an important role in cellular functions, including cell proliferation, migration, and differentiation. It is particularly notable for its ability to sequester actin, a protein that forms a significant part of the cell’s structure and is involved in various cellular processes such as movement and division. By binding to actin, Thymosin Beta-4 regulates actin polymerization, which is essential for cell mobility and morphology.

Thymosin Beta-4 Fragment 1-4, often referred to as the active fragment, is a short peptide derived from the larger Thymosin Beta-4 (TB4) molecule. This fragment consists of the first four amino acids of the TB4 sequence. Despite its small size, this fragment retains many of the biological activities attributed to the full-length TB4, including immune-modulatory, healing, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

TB4 and Immune System Modulation

Tβ4 has been shown to exert profound effects on the immune system. It participates in the regulation of key inflammatory mediators, as evidenced by a study where Tβ4 was found to inhibit LPS and ATP-induced activation of hepatic stellate cells by modulating multiple signaling pathways, including the NLRP3 inflammasome [R].

This modulation is crucial in the context of inflammatory diseases and liver fibrosis, where the inflammasome plays a significant role. Additionally, Tβ4 has been observed to influence the levels of thymosin alpha 1 and beta 4 during experimental rhinovirus colds, suggesting that viral infections can induce systemic effects and cellular immune responses [R].

Healing and Tissue Repair

In the realm of healing, Tβ4 has demonstrated remarkable efficacy. It promotes cell migration and wound healing, as well as suppresses apoptosis. This is particularly relevant in corneal wound healing, where Tβ4 has been identified as a novel agent with the potential to maintain a healthy, functional cornea [R].

Moreover, Tβ4 has been implicated in enhancing the survival rate of mice infected with mouse coronavirus through the inhibition of virus replication and promotion of liver repair [R]. Its role in ocular surface restoration in rat dry eye models further underscores its therapeutic potential in tissue repair and recovery [R].

Anti-inflammatory Properties

The anti-inflammatory properties of Tβ4 are well-documented. It has been shown to protect hippocampal neuronal cells against PrP (106–126) by maintaining a balance of neurotrophic factors and receptors, which are crucial in combating neurotoxicity [R]. Furthermore, Tβ4 has been found to suppress osteoclastic differentiation and inflammatory responses in human periodontal ligament cells, highlighting its potential in dental and bone-related inflammation [R].


Is Thymosin Beta 4 the Same as TB-500?

Thymosin Beta 4 (TB4) and TB-500 are related but distinct substances. TB4 is a naturally occurring peptide consisting of 43 amino acids, while TB-500 is a synthetic fragment of TB4 that includes amino acids 17-23 of the full TB4 sequence. TB-500 is designed to mimic a portion of the natural TB4 peptide and retains some of the properties of the full-length peptide, such as promoting healing and reducing inflammation.

What Research Peptides Have Similar Mechanisms of Action to Thymosin Beta 4

Other research peptides that have shown similar benefits or mechanisms of action to Thymosin Beta 4 in studies include:


COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_raw_lot-C-1069_2024-06-13 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_raw_lot-C-1069_2024-06-13

COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_5mg_lot-1109US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_5mg_lot-1109US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_5mg_lot-1109US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_5mg_lot-1109US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_5mg_lot-1109US_vial2_2024-03-25

COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_10mg_lot-1122US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_10mg_lot-1122US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_10mg_lot-1122US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_1-4_10mg_lot-1122US_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_17-23_5mg_lot-1112_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_17-23_5mg_lot-1112_vial2_2024-03-25 COA_TB4_fragment_17-23_5mg_lot-1112_vial2_2024-03-25

Test Report Thymosin beta fragment 1-4

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