Customer Testimonials

“Received Adrafinil capsules and they have truly helped with my energy at work. No more falling asleep on the job. Package delivered on time. Will be back again!”
Jeremey Hendricks

“So I bought some sunifiram from new star not long ago. Color was peach to yellowish and it was inactive at up tob20mg. A friend suggested to try another company as he had great results with the product and said his looked nothing like what I had. So I bought some from this store and all I can say is wow. It’s incredible! No strange smell or color like new star. And just a few mgs were needed to achieve amazing clarity and focus. I’d recommend to try limitless products. Just got phenyl-piracetam on the way. Great customer service and quality products.”
Matthew Chernow

“I ordered both Adrafinil and Phenyl-piracetam. First day did some research with the phenyl and after a couple hours I hit the computer to work on my web-stores. I guess it was at least 3 hours later when I noticed I had been working at lightning speed and getting things done I had been procrastinating. Amazing product. Plan on doing more research with products from this company. Customer service incredible and Chris even called to make sure I received product and was happy with it. I have never had anyone on the internet take the time to call me and make sure I received product and was happy with it. Amazing customer service. Have pre-ordered NSI. Cant wait for it to get here. Been wanting to do some research with this compound but at over 800.00 a gram at medchemexpress price was just insanely high. Pre-order at 50.00 a gram! Ok so this is getting long winded but I wanted to make sure anyone who reads this knows that quality is as good or better than any other company ive bought from and price is unbelievable. Chris seems to really care about his customers. Thanks!”
Greg, dealzz