Magnolia Bark 98% Honokiol



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Magnolia Bark 98% Honokiol

From Wikipedia:

Traditional medicine[edit]

Seed Cone

Extracts from the bark or seed cones of the Magnolia tree have been widely used in traditional medicine in China, Korea, and Japan.[2]

Houpu has traditionally been used in Eastern medicine as analgesic and to treat anxiety and mood disorders.[2][6] However, it has been shown to treat a number of other conditions. In China, magnolia bark is called Houpu and is most commonly taken from the Magnolia obovata and the Magnolia officinalis species.[7] Some Chinese traditional formulas containing Houpu include Banxia Houpu Tang (半夏厚朴丸), Xiao Zhengai Tang, Ping Wei San(平胃散) and Shenmi Tang.[2] Japanese Kampo formulas include, Hange-koboku-to (半夏厚朴湯) and Sai-boku-to (柴朴湯).[2][6]


Modern medicine[edit]

In the late 1990s, honokiol saw a revival in interest as a potent and highly tolerable antitumorigenic and neurotrophic compound.[citation needed]

Alternative medicine[edit]

Currently there are a large number of supplements containing honokiol on the market, and its use has been widely well received among practitioners of new age, homeopathic, and holistic medicine.


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