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Ipamorelin 12mg/ Cjc-1295(No Dac) 6mg


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This blend is packaged in a 10ml amber sterile vial non-lyophilized without fillers.

This product is sold as a pure compound for research purposes only and is not meant for use as a dietary supplement. Please refer to out terms and conditions prior to purchase.

Legal Disclaimer:

Safety Information: Keep this product out of the reach of children. This material has limited research available about it and may result in adverse effects if improperly handled or consumed. This product is not a dietary supplement, but a pure substance, sold as a raw material. We attest exclusively to the quality, purity and description of the materials we provide. This product is for use and handling only by persons with the knowledge and equipment to safely handle this material. You agree to indemnify us for any adverse effects that may arise from improper handling and/or consumption of this product.

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Ipamorelin 12mg/ Cjc-1295(No Dac) 6mg

Ipamorelin is a peptide selective agonist of the ghrelin/growth hormone secretagogue receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue. It is a pentapeptide with the amino acid sequence Aib-His-D-2-Nal-D-Phe-Lys-NH₂ that was derived from GHRP-1. Wikipedia

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CJC-1295, also known as DAC:GRF, is a synthetic analogue of growth hormone-releasing hormone and a growth hormone secretagogue which was developed by ConjuChem Biotechnologies. It is a modified form of GHRH with improved pharmacokinetics, especially in regard to half-life. Wikipedia






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