C60 45mg: 99.95% dissolved in 50ml olive oil


This product is sold as a pure compound for research purposes only and is not meant for use as a dietary supplement. Please refer to out terms and conditions prior to purchase.

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C60 45mg: 99.95% dissolved in 50ml olive oil

The C60 is mixed with olive oil via magnetic stirrer for 2 weeks by a lab in Sweden. Highest quality C60 available anywhere. Each half teaspoon contains 1.5mg C60. Each bottle is a 1 month supply.
(1) C60 remains in the lipid bilayers of the cells and mitochondria, doing its ROS-neutralizing work for weeks or months.

Lipofullerenes could act as super-antioxidants on the cellular level, where they remain for a very long time, since they are not “used up” when they act as antioxidants, and they are constantly recycled in the cell.

(2) The C60 physically rejuvenates organisms on the cellular level, for example by DNA demethylation or by otherwise reversing cellular damage on the molecular level.

Interestingly, the size of the Buckyball C60 molecule is such that it fits exactly inside the “minor groove” DNA winding and it indeed binds to it, protecting it against Methyl groups that degrade and neutralize the DNA:

(6) “It is a catalytic radical scavenger – i.e. it is able to re-cycle and repeat its activity over and over. It accumulates in mitochondria. It has antiviral action. C60 has anti-cancer properties. Possibly, as with methylene blue, there might be a hormetic affect – with low dosages having a positive effect, and higher doses a deleterious one.”
(11) “C60 is able to associate with mitochondria and induce a cytoprotective antioxidant effect.”

(12) “C60 might be resetting the mitochondria to a younger age.”

(14) Here’s a sketchy hypotheses of how C60 might work:

Fullerenes wrapped in oil are transported to mitochondria for burning.
Once there, the oil is stripped and the naked fullerenes are attracted to other hydrophobic molecules, such as the methyl groups on the mitochondrial DNA, and reacts with them, stripping them from the DNA.
Demethylation of the DNA thus reverses the epigenetic DNA changes that result in dysfunction of the mitochondria.

(19) It’s very clear that C60 has mitochondrial activities; for example, animals treated with C60 are more resistant to radiation effects, and are far more resistant to the oxidative damage from carbon tetrachloride ingestion. That isn’t just a reset to a youthful state, because youthful animals would be injured by both radiation and CCl4.
(22) Harman, in this 2001 paper posits that fullerene may work in the mitochondria as a blocking agent. Many antioxidants,at therapeutic doses,actually decrease the efficiency of the mitochodria, which is why possibly we do not see increases in the maximum lifespan. If fullerene is indeed a blocking agent, then it acts by stopping oxygen from generating reactive oxygen species and superoxide formation, while having no negative impact on mitochondrial functionality. Other studies posit it is a superoxide dismutase mimetic.
(25) C60 is thought to be a “SOD Mimetic”, SOD is an enzyme that clears out the destructive superoxide ROS in your cells.
(31) A resetting of the Mitochondrial DNA in the gut related to our Innate Anti-Inflammatory mechanisms resets our ability to manage the auto-immune diseases (like cancer) which, increasingly, knock us off as we age.


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