Bromantane 99.88%



This is the US made Bromantane we have been promising. Guaranteed best quality worldwide.

This product is sold as a pure compound for research purposes only and is not meant for use as a dietary supplement. Please refer to out terms and conditions prior to purchase.

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Bromantane 99.88%

What is Bromantane?


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Our Product

When you buy Bromantane from, you get the highest purity raw powder properly packaged in ultraviolet light resistant scientific bottles, perfect for your research needs.

Research Studies

  1. [The effect of bromantan on the sexual behavior and conception in rats].
  2. Effects of bromantan on offspring maturation and development of reflexes.
  3. [The neuro- and psychophysiological effects of bromantane].
  4. [Effects of bromantane and sidnocarb on long-term operant conditioning and its vegetative correlates in rats].
  5. [The effect of bromantane on the cardiovascular and sympathetic-adrenal systems in animals].
  6. [The effect of the actoprotector preparation bromantane on the postnatal development of rat pups].
  7. [The effect of bromantane on the behavior of inbred mouse strains with different phenotypes of emotional stress reaction].
  8. [The characteristics of the neuropsychotropic activity of bromantane in laboratory animals].
  9. [Adamantane derivatives enhancing body’s resistance to emergencies].
  10. [The effect of bromantane on the physical work capacity of laboratory animals].
  11. Bromontan, a new doping agent.
  12. [Experimental bases of the use of pharmacologic agents aimed at higher heat resistance of humans as means of individual protection].
  13. [The effect of bromantane on the dopamin- and serotoninergic systems of the rat brain].
  14. [Correlated interconnection between pharmacokinetic and dynamic development of the pharmacologic effects of bromantane].
  15. [Study of heat-protective effects of bromantane at various levels of overheating].
  16. [A quantitative pharmaco-electroencephalographic analysis of the action of bromantane].
  17. [Experimental rationale for the use of drugs to increase the resistance of the human body to the combined action of carbon monoxide and hyperthermia].

Disclaimer:  This product is sold as a pure compound for research purposes only and is not intended for use as a dietary supplement. Please refer to our terms and conditions for purchase.

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