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Peptides vs Proteins

What’s The Difference? When researching peptide products, customers may come across various unfamiliar terms. One term is peptide itself, along with others like proteins, polypeptides, and amino acids. Below, we’ll explain some of these key terms along with how they relate to one another to help customers better understand peptide products. What Are Amino Acids? To […]

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Peptide Bonds

Formation, Characteristics & Structure What is A Peptide Bond? According to organic chemistry, a peptide bond is a chemical bond made between two molecules, where one molecule’s carboxyl group combines with the other molecule’s amino group. In the process, it releases a molecule of water. This is referred to as a dehydration synthesis process or

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Peptide Synthesis

Process and Uses Peptides are organic substances made up of tiny molecules with chemical structures similar to protein structures. The principal difference is that it is necessary for protein chain structures to correctly fold into specific shapes to carry out a biological activity, which is not essential in the case of peptides. Each peptide molecule

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Peptide Purity

Importance and Purification Process What Is Peptide Purity? The amount of accurate peptide in relation to all analytes is referred to as peptide purity. High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analysis is used to assess peptide purity, frequently examined at 214 nm. Peptide purity is an important aspect that influences the outcomes of a research study. Chemical

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Peptide Reconstitution

How to Properly Reconstitute People might be astounded by the number of peptides available in the market. The potency and widespread use of peptides can be attributed to their ability to cover all aspects of biological functioning, whether it is regulating circadian rhythms through melatonin, managing growth hormones, making people look younger through anti-aging effects,

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Peptide Storage – Guidelines For Handling

There are many health products available that contain peptides. These amino acids can provide a variety of benefits to consumers, such as reducing inflammation, building muscle, or reducing the signs of aging. However, in order for these products to work, it’s important for customers to store them properly. Why Is Peptide Storage Important? Properly storing peptides helps

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