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 is a neuropeptide developed from a short fragment of ACTH, Pro8-Gly9-Pro10 ACTH(4-10) and is a neuroactive peptide with unique neuroregulatory properties.”

ACTH is short for “adrenocorticotropic hormone”, and it appears to play a large role in controlling our stress levels:

“Adrenocorticotropic hormone is made in the corticotrophin cells of the anterior pituitary gland. It is secreted in several intermittent pulses during the day into the bloodstream and transported around the body. Like cortisol, levels of adrenocorticotropic hormone are generally high in the morning when we wake up and fall throughout the day and lowest during sleep.”

CAS Number: 80714-61-0
PubChem Substance ID: 329824612
Molecular Weight: 813.92

Research Studies

  1. Semax, an analog of ACTH(4-7), regulates expression of immune response genes during ischemic brain injury in rats.
  2. Changes in Sympathetic Innervation of Rat Caudal Artery in Experimental Myocardial Infarction. Effect of Semax Peptide.
  3. Influence of the N-terminus acetylation of Semax, a synthetic analog of ACTH(4-10), on copper(II) and zinc(II) coordination and biological properties.
  4. Semax prevents learning and memory inhibition by heavy metals.
  6. The action of the peptide drug Semax on the currents of AMPA receptors of rat cerebellar Purkinje cells.
  7. [Opposite Semax influence on conditioning and functional disturbances of avoidance responses in rats].
  8. The peptide semax affects the expression of genes related to the immune and vascular systems in rat brain focal ischemia: genome-wide transcriptional analysis.
  9. Heptapeptide semax attenuates the effects of chronic unpredictable stress in rats.
  10. [The effect of semax and its C-end peptide PGP on Vegfa gene expression in the rat brain during incomplete global ischemia].
  11. Study of proteolysis of Semax analogues with different N-terminal amino acids by carboxypeptidases.
  12. Semax corrects brain dysfunction caused by prenatal introduction of valproic acid.
  13. Semax prevents functional impairments of avoidance response in rats.
  14. Antistress effect of Semax in the course of recovery of spleen lymphoid structures after the stress in rats with different behavioral activity.
  15. Effect of semax and its C-terminal fragment Pro-Gly-Pro on the expression of VEGF family genes and their receptors in experimental focal ischemia of the rat brain.
  16. Semax and Pro-Gly-Pro activate the transcription of neurotrophins and their receptor genes after cerebral ischemia.
  17. [Effect of semax and mexidol on brain ischemia models in rats].
  18. Effects of semax and its Pro-Gly-Pro fragment on calcium homeostasis of neurons and their survival under conditions of glutamate toxicity.
  19. Secretory activity of mast cell during stress: effect of prolyl-glycyl-proline and Semax.
  20. [Study of the efficacy of semax in global cerebral ischemia in vivo].



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