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N-Acetyl Semax (30MG)


30mg – lyophilized – 99%+, 30mg – non-lyophilized, 30mg -lyophilized – 98.5%+

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Lyophilized Peptides: These peptides are freeze-dried, a process that not only extends shelf life but also preserves the purity and integrity of the peptides during storage.

Non-Lyophilized Peptides: Offered as a dry powder, these peptides, while not as extensively processed as lyophilized peptides, still maintain a high level of purity. Their stability, though not as enhanced as in lyophilized form, is sufficient for maintaining quality under proper storage conditions.

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N-acetyl Semax Research

N-acetyl Semax is a synthetic heptapeptide developed by Russian researchers. It is derived from a fragment of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH), specifically ACTH (4-10). N-acetyl Semax has gained attention for its nootropic properties. In Russia, N-acetyl Semax amidate is used to treat acute cerebral hypoxia, such as in cases of stroke or traumatic brain injury.

Studies have demonstrated that Semax promotes neuron survival during hypoxia and protects against glutamate neurotoxicity. Research conducted on rats has shown that N-acetyl Semax stimulates various molecular mechanisms involved in gene transcription within the central nervous system (CNS). Specifically, it induces changes in the expression of 24 different genes related to blood vessel function in the brain and spinal cord.

N-acetyl Semax Structure

PubChem CID: 122178
Molecular Formula: C37H51N9O10S
Molecular Weight: 159.21
Synonyms: DTXSID601001439, Q4415058, L-Methionyl-L-alpha-glutamylhistidyl-L-phenylalanyl-L-prolylglycyl-L-proline
Source: PubChem

Semax and Treatment of Ischemic Strokes

Semax has been used in the treatment of neurological disorders like ischemic stroke and has shown promising results in various studies. Key findings from the research include:

  • Enhanced brain circulation: Semax has demonstrated the ability to improve circulation in the brain, a crucial factor in stroke risk. Patients with cerebrovascular insufficiency experienced disease stabilization and reduced stroke risk when treated with Semax.
  • Neuroprotective effects: Studies conducted on rats have indicated that Semax has neuroprotective properties, shielding the heart from damage following a stroke or heart attack. Additionally, patients recovering from ischemic stroke showed improved nerve function restoration with Semax compared to those without the treatment.
  • Memory improvement: Some researchers have theorized that Semax may enhance memory by increasing the brain’s resistance to oxidative damage and improving circulation.
  • BDNF levels: Semax has been found to elevate BDNF plasma levels, which can lead to improved motor performance and faster functional recovery in patients after an ischemic stroke.

Semax and Cognition

Semax has been found to have cognitive effects in animal studies that go beyond protecting and recovering from acute brain injury. Here are some key findings:

Semax affects cognitive brain functions by regulating the expression and activation of the hippocampal BDNF/trkB system. It works through chemical stimulation on the limbic reticular complex, hippocampus, and the body’s systems and receptors.

In animal studies, Semax has demonstrated improvements in working memory, focus, and learning. It has been used for conditions such as anti-thrombosis, ADHD, learning difficulties, gastric protection, physical exertion, pain relief, and metal toxicity. Semax has also been reported to significantly enhance memory and attention in healthy men during extreme activities.



What is N-acetyl Semax?

N-acetyl Semax is a synthetic peptide derived from Semax, a heptapeptide and synthetic analogue of a part of adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). It is a modified version of Semax that has an acetyl group attached to the N-terminus of the peptide and an amidated group at the C-terminus, potentially improving its stability, ability to be absorbed by the body and effectiveness.

How Does Semax Work?

Semax functions by chemically stimulating various areas of the brain, such as the limbic reticular complex, hippocampus, and the body’s systems and receptors. It enhances brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) levels, a highly active neurotrophin that aids in the promotion and regulation of neurogenesis.

What are the Benefits of Semax?

Semax is a peptide with a wide range of applications, including the treatment of anxiety, memory enhancement, ischemic events, stroke, nerve regeneration, ADHD, opioid withdrawal, and chronic diseases such as ALS, Parkinson’s Disease, and Alzheimer’s. It is also known to be used as a substitute for Adderall.

Some potential benefits of Semax include:

  • Enhanced attention and short-term memory
  • Improved non-proliferative diabetic neuropathy
  • Aid in stroke/hypoxia recovery
  • Better management of glaucoma optic neuropathy
  • Potential as an analgesic by inhibiting enkephalin breakdown
  • Potential use in ADHD treatment
  • Cognitive-enhancing effects
  • Neuroprotection: potential to shield the brain from various forms of stress and damage

Furthermore, Semax has regenerative properties and can contribute to bolstering the immune system. Its primary usage revolves around being a nootropic or cognitive enhancer, aiming to enhance memory and mental performance.

Where to Buy Semax?

Limitless Life Nootropics is the leading online source for purchasing Semax. Our extensive range of products undergoes rigorous third-party testing to verify the sequential signatures of all peptides available for sale. This meticulous process ensures that customers consistently receive pharmaceutical-grade products of the utmost purity. With our commitment to quality, most orders are promptly sent out on the same day they are placed, accompanied by our unwavering dedication to providing exceptional customer service.


Certificate of Analysis of N-Acetyl Semax 30 mg

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