About Limitless Life Nootropics

Life is short. Live Limitless

I would just like to take a moment to let everyone know that the Limitless Life selling an MDMA replacement called Katy has no affiliation with our company. The active ingredient “omniracetam” does not exist and the company appears to be using our companies name and reputation to sell their product. We do not sell these types of products. We only sell compounds we feel have potential to be beneficial to mankind and are safe, non addictive, neuroprotective, have low side effect profile and no little to no interactions with other compounds. Many of our compounds are for research applications only but we are adding an array of natural nootropics as well and nootropics with a proven safety and track record. Please make sure to see our disclaimer regarding purchase of our products.

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We carry a large array of products, including some new cutting edge nootropics for those looking to do further research on these compounds. My team has been working hard to bring this new updated site to you.

With your support we may be able to have all American made nootropics.  To give you pharmaceutical quality is my goal at bulk prices. Our phenyl piracetam is as pure as the stuff you get for crazy high prices when buying Russian name brand pills. Our prices are a steal for this quality.

Check our Facebook reputation, where I was voted 3rd best supplier. Being a new company we hope to be able to add many more products in the future and surpass others and become #1. People try Limitless and are blown away time and time again.

Try for yourself. We are here to prove Limitless is as good as anyone else and better than most. We pay crazy high prices to get purity that is unmatched. We accept nothing but the highest purity compounds available anywhere.

I hope you give us a try. Meanwhile, enjoy the site and we look forward to your business. Feel free to call us at 1-800-782-1905 anytime if you have any questions. Thanks again and remember, Life is Short. Live Limitless.